About Us

The club meets three times a week for a variety of structured training 
sessions for walkers and runners. (See training days for more info). 
It is a very inexpensive, social, fun club to join which currently 
boasts over 150 members.

Club Objectives

o	To provide a local friendly walking and running club, which is
	easily accessible to everyone regardless of gender, age or ability 		
	allowing people to progress at their own pace

o	To promote fitness levels and encourage people to look after
	themselves through regular exercise 

o	To promote amateur athletics

o	For Phoenix Striders to work in partnership with agencies,
 	organizations and charities to promote walking and running as 
	a means to a healthier lifestyle 

Club History

The club has come a long way since its emergence from a series of 
training sessions set up for women who took part in the 2004 "Race 
for Life" held at Gloucester Park, Basildon. Both men and women now 
make up the club.

Organized Events

The club has been involved in organizing the "Run for Children" 3K fun
run for all ages in Gloucester Park. The annual "Basildon 5K" in aid of 
Little Havens Childrens Hospice. 
The "Summer Series"; four 5K evening trail runs around the Plotlands 
Nature Reserve. The Langdon "5" now know as the "Dunton Demon 5" & the 
Stanford Le Hope Community 5K Race. 
These events have raised money for Essex Wildlife Trust, Little Havens 
Children's Hospice,Children with Leukemia and the Jordan Wright Charity. 

Other Events

Our members have achieved great things including taking part in the 
London Marathon. Some members completed the "Edge to Edge" marathon 
in Vancouver Island, Canada. Two members took part in the 
100 Mile Himalayan 5 day Stage Race 2006. A major achievement. 
And many other members have enjoyed taking part in various 5K, 10K, half 
marathons and marathons around the UK.

The greatest success of the club is seeing members progressing 
and getting fitter each month.

Management Committee

Chair Peter Eates chair@phoenixstriders.org.uk
Vice Chair Nick Burston
Secretary Nick Burston secretary@phoenixstriders.org.uk
Treasurer Ruth Roberts
Membership Secretary Eddie Mills
Club Kit Susan Vine
Minuting secretary Tony Davis
Committee Claire Simpson

Susan Vine

Chris Footer

Nicola Maslen

Natalie Gorham

Phoenix Race & Cross Country Manager
Judy Burston Race Manager
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