Essex Cross Country League Races

Each year we put together a group made up of the brave and normally slightly mad club runners to take part in the essex cross country season. 
This involves teams made up of a minimun 4 women and 6 men running through mud, rain, snow and if your really lucky you might have the sun shine down on you. 
The season starts in September/October and goes through to Feburary, with 7 races including 5 standard XC races, a XC relay race and the extra challenging Essex Cross County Championship Race. 
Anyone looking to give themselves an extra challenge to their normal races and training throughout the winter months come and speak to one of the club running leaders about the cross country races.

Most races are a 12.00pm start for the women and a 12.45pm start for the men and a club vest or t-shirt will need to be worn (see our club kit page for available items).

Current Season Fixtures
2014/15 Season Results
2013/14 Season Results
2012/13 Season Results
2011/12 Season Results
2010/11 Season Results